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Having a great marketing strategy is imperative to the success of any business. The following list has been created to list out the “5 best ¬†Agencies” in Baltimore.

1. TBC
The company was founded in the year 1974, and since then has been catering to the needs of its diverse consumer base. The founder of the company looks after all the trivial details, that may elude his team. This includes writing, producing, doling out directions and working on a strategy. They have been the recipient of 2013 Adweek’s top agency in Maryland and employ over 100 employees.

2. GKV
GKV is a company aimed towards marketing with a difference, hence they major work with businesses who are out to challenge the status quo. GKV creates advertising, marketing, public relations and branding campaigns. They serve various  like B2G, B2B, healthcare, cause marketing, financial services etc. They have many reputable names as their clients, which could be accorded to their fame. They hire over 90 employees, that work for them throughout the year.

3. MGH
The people at MGH are more inclined towards keeping pace with the rapid technological developments, which leads them to create online media campaigns that suit the needs of their customer base. MGH manages public relations and markets the brand for their customers, all the while ascertaining that the campaign is reflective of the image of the brand. They also manage events, coordinate in buying media and formulate social media campaigns. They hire over 80 employee full time.

4. Weiss PR.
A public relations firm based in Baltimore that creates a marketing campaign with a difference. Rather than sticking to pre-set conventions, the company takes a completely unique approach to brand building and sustenance. Their services include strategic planning, media/influencer relations, communications management and marketing. They have quite a viable presence in the real estate sector and have been trying to procreate their success in other sectors as well. They employ over 40 full-time professionals.

5. Weinberg Harris & Associates.
Having been established in the year 1991. The employees at Weinberg have been working meticulously over the years to create a campaign that is effective and efficient. The Agency works towards keeping itself many steps ahead of its competition, always on the lookout to device means to reach a wider audience. The team isn’t shy from taking any and all types of challenges and work with the likes of multi-nation organisations, foundations, schools and small businesses. They have many big names under their belt. They hire over 50 employees.

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